For business owners, getting onto social media for the first time can be daunting. For those who know what it can do and want to get onto social media, here is some top tips to consider to lesson the feeling of daunt! From my years of experience as a social media specialist, this is for you:

  1. Be realistic– In the social domain, people will say positive, negative and neutral things. This is the beauty of social media; it is diverse and unpredictable. It is a world full of opportunities. Be prepared, plan and consider the ways your customers will react.
  2. Be Responsible– It must be common knowledge who is responsible for posting at specific times. Social media isn’t Mon-Fri 9-5. Agree responsibilities in and out of standard working hours – this goes for bank holidays too!
  3. Have the Logins– Make sure your team or key people in the business know what the logins are, or where to find them. Simple, yet I’ve seen it overlooked. The day the social media manager is on holiday with no WiFi and the junior is out sick, is the day your social media activity could be heating up…!
  4. Know Your Audience– Do you know your customer’s online behavior already? Do research into where they may be visiting when they are online or any forums they might be posting in to uncover what they are saying.
  5. Check Your Competitors– Be aware of competitor’s presence on social media. Have a peak at what they have been saying and what their customers are saying. They will do the same to you!
  6. Strategy & Planning– Plan what you are going to say! Plan your content (posts, imagery, videos etc) so it is in-line with marketing and business objectives. Consider short and long term goals. Fit it in with contextual dates if it suits your business too.
  7. Post Everyday– Keep active with your posts and engagement with customers.  You need fresh daily content to make impact.
  8. Get Mobile– There are some apps that can help you manage single social media activity better. For Facebook there is Facebook Pages Manager, and for Twitter there is Buffer & Plume.
  9. Consider Management Tools– If you have budget, consider a management tool. You can see what all your customers are saying on every social media platform on one screen. Easy.
  10. Content– Last but not at all least! In-fact, I’ll write a whole blog on this soon but for now make your content engaging. Social is about sharing so ask yourself, would someone share what you have to say?

If you’d like support getting onto social media, please email me at Follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for more info on social media. Visit my website –

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