Rebecca RobertsonEvo Girls is the brainchild of Rebeca Robertson and In April 2016 re-launched as one of the first (if not the first) networking groups set up as a Social Enterprise with big plans for supporting women in business.

The Evo Girls Story

In 2012 if you googled images ‘Evo Girls’ the pictures were not one of professional business women but young ladies posing in front of cars in next to nothing. On the main google page you find Youtube videos of girls in bikinis, driving fast cars! That is their choice however women are so much more than that! We can achieve anything we set out to. So now if you google ‘Evo Girls’ you will also see pictures of professional business women who are driving themselves to create the dream lifestyle and business they desire…. Never settle for 2nd best and never be less than you know you can be!

After being in business by myself for a year I had found lots of women in the same boat, we ended up learning from each other and providing support to one another naturally. I found myself knowing women from all walks of life and knew that if I could connect them they would learn even more and I hoped it would encourage and support them further. Knowing that by giving our knowledge to each other in would in turn do more for us or our business.

In September 2012 I asked a handful of business buddies if they wanted to meet for a quiet drink in the Marriott, Bexleyheath, near where I lived. We just chatted and found out about each other and gave each other ideas. As we all got on so well I opened a group on Facebook and the next month invited a few more. It was very casual and obviously there was no cost. We didn’t advertise the group, it was all word of mouth and gradually we began to grow. We looked for a room in a hotel and started having training sessions for the group, on a pay as you go basis to just cover the hotel room. Before we knew it we needed a bigger room and costs were increasing.

What I loved about the group was that we were all there for each other and you felt like you could ask any question knowing someone would know the answer and no one would judge, you didn’t need to be on your best behaviour and you could be yourself.

In January 2014, I decided to take the causal set up into a more formal membership to bring more commitment to my time and the other members. This isn’t my main business nor will it be, so again wanting to keep the costs down I worked out how much it would cost to run the new website, business cards and meeting rooms.

We always had plans to grow and develop organically and over the last few years we have gradually added more groups, held events and conferences and we now have groups in Gravesend, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Ashford. We have non member meetings in Ashford which are free to attend and membership meetings, with workshops and training sessions all run at cost value.

Our networking group is about our members – by members for members.

The community of friends I have made with the local women and men in business is amazing and only through their support have I gone on with my own business plans. I have a real passion for connecting people and helping start up businesses cut the time wasted in the beginning so they can feel less overwhelmed and more confident to move forward.

Evo Girls is not just a networking group but a supportive group of business women who encourage and develop each other…. More than just networking…..

With monthly meet ups, dedicated training sessions and some fabulous members benefits, take a look through our website to find out more about what Evo Girls has to offer.

Read our FAQs where you can also find out how to join us.

If you would like to become an Evo Girl Member please fill in our online membership form and we will get back to you about the final stages.

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