Hazel Addley

Hazel Addley

Hazel Addley Coaching

Life & Business Transitions Coach

I am a life and business transitions coach. I support creative professionals, educators and business owners who are feeling stuck or wheel spinning and don’t know what to do next. I help them to find their way and create a life they love living.

Coaching with me can help you with the following:

1) Supporting you to rebuild your life when things have got to change

If you need to rebuild your life after significant personal change, or have realised that your life doesn’t fit for you anymore, and so need to create changes, then I can help you to design a life that will be an amazing fit for you uniquely and which you will love living.

2) Helping you to sort out your work life when it feels off

If you are feeling stuck in your business, career or vocation, or you have started a new phase and find you are wheel spinning, I can help you to overcome what is holding you back and get you moving forward with confidence.



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April 5, 2016