Linda Bishopp

Linda Bishopp

Therapist and The Therapists’ Network

Linda works one-to-one with people on their psychological health using psychotherapy, counselling, healing, Reiki and Thought Field Therapy. Linda has supported people in their personal development, self awareness, spiritual awareness and healing for over 30 years and has worked with people who have experienced deep trauma, who are going through major change in their life, including such things as divorce, the ageing process, redundancy and terminal illness, who are seeking to come to terms with sexual and psychological abuse and rape, eating disorders, bereavement and loss, societal disadvantages, domestic abuse and addictions. She particularly works with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management, bereavement and loss, soul work, and dream analysis.
Bright Creative runs a series of workshops enabling you to explore different elements of yourself, including Dream Analysis, Mandalas for Clarity, Spiritual Healing and Meditation.
The Therapists’ Network currently has six networking groups running monthly across Kent for all types of therapist to find support, build relationships and collaborate with like-minded people. Particularly if you are self-employed and maybe work alone, how great is it then to discover your tribe? Networking meetings are free, and, soon to come, membership meetings will provide more.

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January 11, 2017