Sue Hainsby

Sue Hainsby

Carlean Lettings

Carlean Lettings is a boutique residential property company. Believe it or not there is middle ground between having to manage a property yourself which most landlords have neither the time nor the inclination to do and having to appoint a large faceless management company to whom you and your tenants are just a name or an address.

Sue Hainsby has been a landlord since 2005 and has a large portfolio of properties. In 2009 after winning the National Landlords Association Property Woman for the South East she started her company as she felt there was a gap in the market for a letting agency that actually cared about their landlords, tenants and properties. Landlords who choose Carlean can be confident that we have worked hard to find them the best tenant for their property. Carlean’s tenants know that they will be living in a great property, that Sue is at the end of the phone should they have any issues but most importantly that they will be respected – we are mindful that they are our houses but their homes. It sounds cliché, but we do treat all properties the same whether they are Sue’s or belong to our valued landlords. We are very aware that times have changed and renting is now often the first choice for people not the only choice and letting needs to reflect this. We don’t do group viewings everyone gets 30 minutes to have a good look at the property and ask any questions; no pressure is applied to make them reach a decision at the viewing – there is no need, our properties are always in demand. Sue listens to what the prospective tenants are looking for and she uses her experience to match a tenant to a property. Sue loves doing viewings; that and the moving in day are her favourite parts of the job – she always try’s to be at the property when the tenants move in seeing tenants happy with a property and then calling the landlord to let them know their new tenant has moved in successfully is very satisfying. Sue is a member of the National Landlords Association, ‘mydeposits’, and The Property Redress Scheme. She is a Kent Accredited Landlord and holds the Technical Award in Residential Lettings and Property Management. When having her new website created last year Sue visited lots of letting agents to get a feel of the services they were offering – having completed this exercise Sue hopes she has turned on its head the stereotype associated with disinterested, unengaged letting agents that she met.

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November 24, 2016